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Vocal Coach Dave Brooks, who specializes in Online Vocal Lessons and In-Studio Vocal Lessons, has been involved in the music industry for over 25 years, as a top session songwriter, songwriting coach, singer, producer and vocal coach.These sessions are voice lessons Nashville residents can rely on. Professionally he has worked on many network campaigns for NBC, CBS, ABC, “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, “Wheel of Fortune”, and a host of commercial advertisements, including the dairy industry’s “Milk Does a Body Good” campaign and Wendy’s “99 Cent Value Menu” campaign. Dave’s strong ability to sing many different styles of music has made him a highly sought after vocal coach and artistic director. Dave has also sung and worked with many industry leaders including Gladys Night, Montgomery Gentry, Toby Keith and Rascall Flatts. Dave prides himself on solid vocal techniques that ACTUALLY WORK! Most of Dave’s clients see a dramatic improvement in vocal range, tone, and control in their very first lesson!

Learn How To Sing Like...

    • One of your little clips taught me more in one minute then I learned from an entire 12-disc vocal program.  
      Don West
      Professional Musician
    • Dave Brooks is an incredible vocal coach. He really knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to helping artists improve their vocal performance. The technical work he's given me has been the key to making good technique a habit. It seems like every lesson we have a new 'breakthrough.' I feel far more confident than I ever have performing.
      Leanne Regalla
    • It's been an incredible experience working with Dave Brooks. His knowledge, patience and enthusiasm for singers and artists make him truly unique. I recommend him to any performer who wants to fully understand the mechanics of singing and the art of performing.  
      Carole Ann Mobley
      Vice-President of A&R, Warner Music
    • Dave's awesome ability to sing all genres is remarkable. He has moved me to levels vocally and stylistically that I never dreamed I could reach. If you need a voice coach that has the knowledge, experience, talent, and teaching ability to help you develop as a unique artist, you need Dave.
      Katelyn Knight
    • Dave is one of the rare coaches I've found who can teach both high end vocal technique and style. He also happens to be one of the most sought after session recorders in the business. Oh, AND he also happens to be the style coach in the #1-selling vocal training series of all time, Singing Success.
      Ken Taylor
      Vocal Coach
    • Dave Books is a premier vocal coach and an amazing vocalist. I was so impressed that I sent my own daughter to him, and she still sees him on a regular basis. His understanding of how the human voice functions is simply amazing.
      Byron Gallimore
      Grammy Award-Winning Producer
    • Dave is the kind of teacher everyone needs to have in this town. His method and approach are completely original and totally relevant to modern singing.
      Canaan Smith
      Universal Recording Artist
    • Dave Brooks is one of the most versatile singers with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure to work. Along with being a master technician, Dave also has the ability to effectively coach singers stylistically, and mold them into whatever they desire to be. His translation and experience of the different musical genres is absolutely incredible! I could not recommend him more highly to help you achieve your vocal goals.
      Tim Davis
      Vocal Director of Glee