Professional Vocal Technique
and Style Coaching

Why waste your hard-earned money and precious time studying elsewhere when you can take private singing lessons from one of the top professional voice coaches who is sought out by major labels to train their singers? Not only does Dave Brooks provide private in studio voice training with some of the top singing professionals in the industry but he also does live virtual voice lessons for musicians in countries all over the world! With his recent launch of the ground breaking online training program “The Virtual Vocal Teacher” Dave is a true pioneer of his craft.

Voice Technique Lessons Will Teach You

  • Proper Breathing and Airflow
  • Proper Cord Closure
  • Keeping Larynx in Neutral or Low Position
  • Vowel Implementation
  • “Edge” Connection
  • Crescendo and Diminuendo Techniques
  • Vocal Cord Coordination
  • Muscle Memory
  • Vocal Cord “Resetting”

What You Will Learn In Style Coaching Classes

  • Improvisation
  • “Licks”, “Trills”, and “Runs”
  • Finding Your Own Style
  • Phrasing
  • Tone Manipulation
  • Vowel Manipulation
  • Lyrical Interpretation
  • And Much More…

Some Of The Things You Will Learn In Private Singing Lessons

  • Song Form and Structure
  • Lyrical Content
  • Finding and Supporting the Hook
  • Rhyme Scheme
  • Writing for Radio
  • “B” Section Verses and Choruses

Song Treatment Sessions Include

Dave and his staff of top-tier songwriters taking your tune and working with you to improve it in every way possible covering things like:

  • Finding the Right Key
  • Instrument Arranging
  • Making a Song Commercially Viable
  • Getting your Song Ready for the Radio
  • Establishing and Improving the Vocal Melody
  • And Much More…